Do I need a College Degree or High School Degree to enroll?

Students are not required to have a College Degree or a High School diploma to enroll.


Can classes be audited?

No, the program has been designed for students who have the committed desire spiritually and  academically to invest  time in their growth and that of others  while being accountable for their work and efforts.


Are  classes transferable to other Bible Schools?

Every school will be different.   If the school is accredited by the state the likelihood is no.  All other Bible Schools without such  accreditation  will be case by case.


Is the Hidden Treasure Bible School an  accredited school?

We have chosen not to issue degrees so that we can remain free of any restrictions from State, Federal, or Accreditations Boards on our Bible School, its purpose and curriculum.  Our desire is to train and encourage others to serve as the Lord did without any outside restrictions or limitations.  Our focus is effectiveness in ministry toward the furthering of God’s Kingdom, not the issuing of formal degrees.  We therefore have committed our resources toward the former.





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